Anchor text of a link

In previous post , what are backlinks , i was talking about backlinks quality, but still i have not written anything about the anchor text of a backlink. It is an important factor, as well as many others who value a backlink.

What is an anchor text?
I already explained this in Essential Terms post , Anchor text - is the hyperlinked words on a web page , the words you click on when you click a link. For example, in code <a href= />Free SEO Tips</a> the anchor text is “Free SEO Tips”.

Everybody knows that it’s indicated to have IBL from sites with the same niche, and keywords that makes link to the site must be relevant.
Anchor text of a link becomes more relevant and more powerful if the keyword which connects to the site or page has assignet TITLE on him.

How you see which is the most powerful site on a google search after anchor?
Type on Google allinanchor:keyword

How do you see what anchor have your links?
Go to Google Webmaster Tools> Statistics> What Googlebot sees where you found “in external links to your site”. Those are anchor texts refer to the pages of your site.

Where is good to put links with anchor text?
In your content.

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