Wordpress Optimization: permalinks, titles and metatags

1. Permalinks - is called so because should be permanent links , if you make changes in the URLs you can use redirect but is not easy. You can change the url type from Options/Permalinks. I use /%category%/%postname%/ for my posts.

2. Posts title - is very important because it appears once in the url like /%postname%/ once in metatags and once again in page header. Watch how you choose to use the keywords in these 3 elements because is essential.

3. Meta tags - are pieces of code only visible to spiders and any curious trying to see the code pages. Because we talked about the title before, the next most important becomes “description”. This must be a brief phrase completed by a point in which to say something about that page. Use keywords and limit the number of characters to about 250, do not try to make the description more than the content.

If you want you can use our free meta tag generator.

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